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Contact data pursuant to Corona Ordinance for on-site events, exams

Deutsche Version: Kontaktdaten nach CoronaVO für Präsenzveranstaltungen

Former Corona Ordinance

General conditions and process overview

In the case of events and other activities that take place in presence, the University of Freiburg is obliged under the CoronaVO as well as the CoronaVO Studienbetrieb to collect and store contact data of persons present for the purpose of providing information to the public health department or the local police authority.

The University shall exclude individuals who refuse to provide all or part of their contact information from visiting or using its facilities or participating in events. To the extent you provide contact information, it must be accurate.

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At the University of Freiburg, two standard procedures are available for the collection and further processing in accordance with Corona Ordinance:

Contact data gathering using the Campus Management HISinOne

  • For events or activities with accompanying course registration.
  • Storage of contact data in the form of first and last name, address and, if available, the telephone number in Campus Management HISinOne.
  • Recording of further contact data (date and period of attendance) on an event-related basis via attendance lists generated by the system.

This procedure has been in effect since October 15, 2020. A more detailed description is below.

Contact data gathering using the form for data collection pursuant to Corona Ordinance

  • For other events or activities without an accompanying course registration, without current attendance lists from the Campus Management System HISinOne and/or persons who have not stored contact data in HISinOne according to CoronaVO.
  • Recording of all contact data for specific occasions via the form for data collection pursuant to Corona Ordinance.

This method, which has been approved for some time, is still used if the HISinOne method is not an option.

Procedure using HISinOne from the participants' perspective (gathering contact data Corona Ordinance)

On-site event/exam participants can store part of their contact data according to Corona Ordinance for attendance events themselves in Campus Management HISinOne:

  • Insofar as attendance lists from HISinOne are used to record further contact data for the relevant appointments, it is not necessary to fill out or bring along the form for data collection pursuant to Corona Ordinance.
  • In the attendance list, the organizers are shown which participants have already recorded their contact data using HISinOne pursuant to Corona Ordinance, without the contact data itself being displayed.
  • If no contact data has been stored using HISinOne pursuant to Corona Ordinance, the data of the affected persons must be collected via the form for data collection pursuant to Corona Ordinance. Otherwise, participation is not possible.
  • When participating in events and other activities, the usual distance and hygiene rules apply with regard to the pandemic situation.

Procedure after logging into the system with UniAccount and opening the contact data management (see below how to get there):

  • First and last name are predefined in the system.
  • Independent entry of contact data in the form of address and, if available, telephone number on the contact data tile “Corona Ordinance for on-site events.” The data can be entered or updated at any time. In this context, the Ministry of Science would like to point out that the telephone number has proven to be an important data point for tracing possible infection paths.
  • The recorded data cannot be deleted independently at the moment, as the four-week storage period for the purpose of a possibly required transfer of the data to the competent authorities cannot be guaranteed in the case of an independent premature deletion. If you would like to have the data completely deleted, please send an e-mail to The data will then be deleted from the system provisionally and finally after 4 weeks. As soon as Corona Ordinance is no longer in effect, all data that has been collected on the basis of Corona Ordinance will of course be completely deleted without your intervention, without any action on your part (provided that no further application purposes have been assigned for the stored data).

Instructions for maintaining contact data in Campus Management HISinOne

Procedure using HISinOne from the organizers’ perspective (use EXA 612 attendance lists Corona Ordinance)

Please note the University’s general information about coronavirus under Study and Teaching

Organizers can generate attendance lists from HISinOne, on which it is marked for which participants contact data pursuant to Corona Ordinance are stored at HISinOne. In order to get a list that is as up-to-date as possible, it should be created shortly before each individual appointment.

On the one hand, the list serves to check whether the attendees have stored their contact data in form of first and last name, address and, if available, telephone number in Campus Management HISinOne. On the other hand, the organizer collects with the list the further contact data according to Corona Ordinance in the form of date and period of attendance of the participants. The processing of the contact data contained in the list is subject to the requirements of para. 2 and 3 Corona Ordinance. In this respect, the list must be stored securely for four weeks after the respective date and then destroyed in accordance with data protection regulations. The collection and use of the data is exclusively based on Corona Ordinance and for the purpose of tracing possible infection paths by the competent authority.

For persons for whom there is no entry “yes” in the fields “Telephone number Corona Ordinance” and/or “Postal address Corona Ordinance,” the form for data collection pursuant to Corona Ordinance at the University of Freiburg must be completed in addition to each appointment. Exception: Postal address is marked with “yes” and the person does not have a telephone number. Explanation of the column “Seat:” After discussions between the University and the health authorities in October 2020, it was decided that for the effective tracking of possible infection routes, in addition to the mere presence, wherever possible, the actual seat of a person will also be recorded.

Instructions on how to create attendance lists from HISinOne can be found under Teilnehmer/innen | Teilnehmer-/Anwesenheits-/Warteliste und Teilnahmebescheinigung (German only). Please use the attendance list EXA 612. A little tip: if you use the lists frequently, you can mark the job as default with the “star” symbol to the right of the selection list and then always call it up directly with the “start” button.

Information about data protection

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