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-====== Course | How to display cancelled sessions ======+====== Where can I see cancelled dates, room and time changes? ======
->>German Version: [[hisinone:studieren:ausfallende_veranstaltungen_anzeigen|Veranstaltung | Ausfalltermine und Raum- und Zeitänderungen für den aktuellen Tag anzeigen]]+>>German Version: [[hisinone:studieren:ausfallende_veranstaltungen_anzeigen|Veranstaltung | Aktuelle Ausfalltermine und Raum- und Zeitänderungen bei den Veranstaltungen anzeigen]]
 <WRAP round left box 45%> <WRAP round left box 45%>
 'Studies offered' -> 'Show current courses' 'Studies offered' -> 'Show current courses'
-  * in progress ...+Here you can see, __without logging in to HISinOne__,   
 +  * cancelled dates 
 +  * changes regarding location, time etc. 
 +  * for the current day or another day in the future. 
 +Alternatively, under 'My Studies' -> 'Schedule', you can see information mentioned above for only the courses that you have saved and enrolled for. 
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
 <WRAP round left box 45%> <WRAP round left box 45%>
 **Also helpful** **Also helpful**
-  * in progress ...+  * [[hisinone:studieren:persoenlicher_stundenplan_anzeigen_en|Pre-booking of courses for schedule]] 
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
 ===== Show current courses ===== ===== Show current courses =====
-  * 'Studies offered' -> 'Show current courses' +  * Click on 'Studies offered' -> 'Show current courses' 
-  * in progress ... \\ \\ {{:hisinone:studieren:tagesakt_veranst_en.png|}}+  * First, the current day will be displayed: 
 +  - Cancelled dates are crossed out. 
 +  - Changes in time, building and room are highlighted in yellowBy placing the mouse on the triangle symbol, you can see the original information. 
 +  - In this case the room has been removed and a new room was entered in 'Remark'
 +  - To see cancelled and rescheduled dates for another day, change the date and click on 'Search'. \\ \\ {{:hisinone:studieren:tagesakt_veranst_en.png?nolink|}} 
 +===== cancelled and changed in the time schedule ===== 
 +  * You can slso see the cancelled dates or time changes in the time schedule if you have saved the course in your time schedule. \\ \\ {{:hisinone:studieren:cancelled_dates.png?nolink|}} 
-{{tag>studieren_englisch}}+{{tag>studieren_englisch vorlaeufig_studieren_englisch veranstaltungen}}

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