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 ====== How to serach for course plan? ====== ====== How to serach for course plan? ======
-in progress...+>>Deutsche Version: [[hisinone:studieren:studiengangsplaene|Wie suche ich nach Studiengangsplänen?]]
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-Im Studiengangsplan werden die Veranstaltungen und Prüfungen eines Studiengangs im Wochentagraster angezeigt, die im bestimmten Semester mit Terminen geplant sindDie Anzeige kann auf ein gewünschtes empfohlenes Fachsemester eingeschränkt werdenDer Studiengangsplan hilft Ihnen, Überschneidungen bei den Veranstaltungen und Prüfungen zu erkennen+The course plan displays the courses and examinations of a study program in the weekday grid that are scheduled with dates in the specific semesterThe display can be restricted to a desired recommended semesterThe course plan helps you identify overlapping courses and examinations
-  * In der Rolle Studieren finden Sie Ihren Studiengang/Studiengänge unter Mein Studium -> Mein Studiengangsplan+  * in the roll of students you can find the course plan under My studies -> course plan
-  * In jeder anderen Rolle finden Sie beliebige Studiengänge unter Studienangebot -> Studiengänge anzeigen.+  * In any other role, you can find any degree programs under Studies offered -> show course of studies schedule.
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-**Weitere Anleitungen** +**Also helpful** 
-  * [[hisinone:studieren:studienplaner|Studienplaner > Einstieg]] +  * [[hisinone:studieren:studienplaner_en|Planner Of Studies An Overview]] 
-  * [[hisinone:studieren:zielgruppen|Allgemein Für welche Studierenden ist das System HISinOne relevant?]]+  * [[hisinone:studieren:zielgruppen_en|Genereal Which Programs of Study Use HISinOne?]]
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 +===== My course plan =====
 +<note important>Please note that the course plans are of varying quality. To find out whether the display is correctly mapped according to recommended semesters, please contact your study program coordination. .</note>
 +  - In the role of students you will find your degree program(s) under 'My studies' → 'course plan'. Please note that so far, past degree programs are also displayed. You can remove these for better clarity.
 +  - Depending on the course of study, a very large number of courses may be available per semester. Under 'More display options' → 'Rhythm' you can hide e.g. single and block dates for a better overview. You can also set the desired period (e.g. semester or lecture period view). 
 +  - You can also restrict to a certain recommended semester (please click on **"Update page"** after changing). Please note that the display may be incomplete if recommended semesters have not been entered for the courses. If you have any questions, please contact the responsible program coordinator.\\ \\ {{:hisinone:studieren:courseplan_1.png?nolink|}} \\ \\
 +  - If the view is still unclear, you can view the single days of the week by clicking on the desired day of the week. 
 +  - Here you can open course detail pages, save courses for your timetable or register or deregister for courses during the registration period. Click on the day of the week again to return to the weekly view. \\ \\ {{:hisinone:studieren:courseplan_2.png?nolink|}} \\ \\
 +  - When you click on "Add course", a search mask is displayed, which is described in detail in the section "Display course plan". Then place a checkmark next to the program you have found and click on "carry over the selection".
 +===== show course plan =====
 +  - After registration, go to "Studies offered" - "show course of studies schedule".
 +  - You can restrict the search by \\ (1) degree, \\ (2) subject. \\ (3) When you tap in the field, possible suggestions are displayed for you to select. \\ (4) By clicking on "Show all possible search criteria" you can open a more detailed search mask. \\ (5) if you need help, click "Help for search" for more information. \\ (6) You can also save your search for further use.  \\ \\ {{:hisinone:studieren:courseplan_3_neu.png?nolink|}} \\ \\
 +  - In the list of results, please click on the title of the course or on the magnifying glass icon to open the course plan. \\ \\ {{:hisinone:studieren:courseplan_4.png?nolink|}}
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