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Certificate of study, confirmation of periods of study, reregistration

In this article you will learn,

  • how to find and download your Certificate of study & confirmation of periods of study on demand
  • reregistration for the next semester

Important: For all other questions and issues (e.g. name change) please contact the Student Service Center..

Certificate of study & confirmation of periods of study

Please note that this function is only available under the roll of student.

Certificate of study and confirmation of periods of study can be generated for previous enroled semesters (back to summer semester 2008). Older certificates of study are only available in Student Service Center.
In addition to the certificate of study, a certificate of enrollment is available for self-printing. The certificate of enrollment serves only as proof of enrollment (i.e. it does not contain any information on the courses or the number of semesters) and also includes a section for, among other things, regular public transport cards and the Deutsche Bahn AG authorization card.

Please note that certificates created with Campus Management - HISinOne with a verification number can be verified at

Certificates that were created before 2017 via Campus Management - LSF and refer to „“ for verification can no longer be checked by yourself after 30.06.2022.
If you have any questions, please contact the responsible person in the Registration Office at the Service Center Studium

  1. Home | My Studies | Student Service: Tab „Requested reports/reports“, then click „Common reports“.

  2. By clicking on the printer icon you create the certificate for the first time. By clicking on the magnifier icon you can request the certificate again any time and download or print the PDF.

  3. If you only want to request or print the certificates from a certain semester, you can click to open the drop-down menu and select the semester.


The online reregistration for the summer semester takes place from January 15 to February 15.
The online reregistration for the winter semester takes place from June 1 to August 15.

  1. In those respective periods of time you can reregister yourself in 'My Studies' → 'Student Service'.

  2. To pay the reregistration fee you have to follow a two-step process: First, generate a direct debit mandate. Second, create a debit order. To start the process click on 'Direct debit order' under 'Bills and payments'.

  3. Enter your bank account information and confirm by clicking on 'Create single mandate'

  4. Return to the student service page and click again on 'Create a direct debit order/mandate'.

  5. Please check your bank account data is correct and click 'Accept'.

  6. Mark the checkbox and click 'Confirm'.

  7. With the following popup you can directly reregister yourself by clicking 'Yes'.

  8. You can also reregister at a later time. To do this navigate to 'My Studies' → 'Student Service' → 'Reregister Start' and click 'Now reregister to 20171-SZ'.

  9. A successful reregistration will be confirmed by a popup.

  10. Alternatively, you can transfer the fee to the account of the Universitätskasse. For more details please visit: Student Service Center

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