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-====== Course | University course catalog ======+====== University course catalog ======
 >>German Version: [[hisinone:studieren:vvz|Veranstaltung | Vorlesungsverzeichnis anzeigen]] >>German Version: [[hisinone:studieren:vvz|Veranstaltung | Vorlesungsverzeichnis anzeigen]]
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-'Studies offered' -> 'Show university course catalog'+'Studies offered´-> 'Show university course catalog' not logged in 
 +  * courses of study and courses offered by the individual faculties, institutes and departments 
 +  * courses offered as part of the cooperation between the University of Freiburg and PH Freiburg 
 +  * courses available to guest auditors 
 +  * courses for internal further training
-in progress ... 
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 **Also helpful** **Also helpful**
-  * in progress ...+  * [[hisinone:studieren:extratippvvz_en|How to search for courses]] 
 +  * [[hisinone:studieren:studienplaner_en|Planner Of Studies with module plan]] 
 +  * [[hisinone:studieren:detailansicht_veranstaltungen_en|What information can I find on the course detail view?]] 
 +  * [[hisinone:studieren:persoenlicher_stundenplan_anzeigen_en|Pre-booking of courses for schedule]] 
 +  * [[hisinone:studieren:belegen_en|How to enroll for courses]]
 </WRAP> </WRAP>
-===== University course catalog  ===== +===== Show university course catalog  ===== 
-in progress ...+ 
 +  * Click on ´Studies offered´-> ´Show university course catalog´ 
 +  * By clicking on the plus symbol (+), you can open the desired section.
-  * 'Studies offered' -> 'Show university course catalog' +  - Make sure you have selected the right semester
-  * By clicking the (+)-symbols you can extend the catalog to lower levels.  +  - Within the faculties, the courses are organized by degrees and courses of study in order to give an overview of the contents of the courses of study
-  - The Institution's study offer is structured by degrees and subjects+  - Under ´Gesamtverzeichnis der Lehrveranstaltungen´, the faculties arrange the courses according to other helpful criteria.  
-  - Under 'Gesamtverzeichnis der Lehrveranstaltungen'  the course offer is organized based on further criteria. +  - Other courses offered 
-  - Course offers witin the cooperation Uni Freiburg PH Freiburg are listed serpartely.  +  - Courses offered by the „Zentrum für Schlüsselqualifikation“ (Center for Key Qualifications). 
-  - Course offers for guest auditors \\ \\  \\ \\+  - Courses offered as part of the cooperation between the University of Freiburg and PH Freiburg. 
 +  - Courses available to guest auditors as well as for further training. 
 +  - By clicking on ´Legend´, you will see short descriptions for each of the symbols. \\ \\ {{:hisinone:studieren:vvz_fakultaet_en.png|}} \\ **. . .** \\ {{:hisinone:studieren:vvz_einricht_en.png|}}
-{{tag>studieren_englisch}}+{{tag>studieren_englisch vorlaeufig_studieren_englisch veranstaltungen}}

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