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Tips for Using HISinOne

We operate several HISinOne instances in different versions. The following tips refer to our main system HISinOne System TF. Links also refer to this system. In general, all tips are however transferable.

Sitemap - Overview of HISinOne functions in the current role

  • The link Sitemap at the bottom of the HISinOne pages provides an overview of rights and role-dependent functions.
  • The overview can help if you are new to the system or if you hold several roles within the system.

Data sources / reducing multiple data entries and inconsistencies

  • One project goal of the new campus-management-system is to reduce multiple data entries.
  • Therefore, it has been determined for several areas which system will be the leading system.
  • This means that data is automatically transferred to HISinOne from other systems.
  • Should data need to be corrected, this should be done in the source systems since otherwise data will continuously be overwritten.
  • We hope that you will understand that new processes take some time initially and that therefore some data will be transferred only with a delay.
  • Employees can find information on which data stems from which source system here (Login may be necessary).

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