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There are several options for displaying courses in HISinOne:

These options will be described below.

Please be aware that you may find all courses the system, but enrollment is quite different depending on your status and the faculty or organisational unit offering the course. In general up to 50% of all courses can be booked using the Campus-Management-System, other courses have no formal enrollment process for the course itself (you just walk in, if you meet the prerequisites) or the faculty or organsiational unit is using special processes or systems.

Displaying university course catalog

  1. Go to HISinOne Portal. You will be able to access the university course catalog without logging in. Go to „Studies offered“ and choose „Show university course catalog.“

  2. You will automatically be shown the course catalog of the current term. Via the drop-down menu you can change the term to be displayed. By clicking the (+)-symbols you can extend the catalog to lower levels. The Institution's study offer is structured by degrees and subjects.
    Under 'Gesamtverzeichnis der Lehrveranstaltungen' the course offer is organized based on further criteria.

  3. Course offers for guest auditors and offers witin the cooperation Uni Freiburg - PH Freiburg are listed serpartely.

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