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Address registration and address change for (prospective) doctoral candidates

Please note:
Contact data is maintained exclusively via HISinone. Docata then imports the contact info from HISinOne. By doing this, the data only has to be managed in one place.
Currently, due to personnel changes, there are significantly longer response times in the area of IT-support for doctoral students and doctoral administration. Please expect response times in the range of several weeks. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause!

Procedure for students and enrolled doctoral candidates

Procedure for non-enrolled doctoral candidates, applicants and employees

Information: For data protection reasons, private contact info of employees is not imported automatically to HISinOne from the personnel management systems. Therefore, employees that wish to apply for a doctoral candidate position must complete their information in HISinOne.

To edit your contact info, please follow these steps:

  1. 'User information' → 'View own personal data'
  2. Choose the tab 'Contactdata'
  3. Edit '(3-K) Promotion - Korrespondenz' by clicking the pencil icon

  • Edit an existing adress (1) or 'Add Postadress' (2)

  • Edit your contact data (1) and 'Save' (2).

  • If the synchronization of data to Docata is delayed (= duration longer than 4 hours), please send an e-mail to address registration.

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