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HOWTO: Make a Bug Report

If you found a Bug in the current Electure-Portal or if you think there is an important feature missing, here is a guide which should help you understand how to make a good Bug Report. There are only a few steps that need to be done in order to make a Bug report:

  • Creating a User-Account in the Bug Tracker
  • Logging in to the Bug-Tracker
  • Creating a Bug Report

Before entering a Bug report, please first read through the Frequently asked Questions and existing bug reports. Read it all very carefully. Developers get annoyed by duplicate Bug reports.

Creating a User-Account in the Bug-Tracker

First of all, you need to create an Account in the Bug Tracker. The following images illustrate the process of registering at the Bug Tracker:

From the first Page, click on Signup for a new Account.

Fill in all the required details (choose a username you won't forget) and pay attention to specify your correct E-Mail address.

You will see a result similar to this after filling up the form. You now have to wait for a confirmation E-Mail which will be sent to the E-Mail address you specified when registering.

After receiving the E-Mail click on the confirmation link.

You will get redirected to the confirmation page and asked to fill out some more details for your useraccount.

After the registration you can login with your userdetails.

Logging in to the Bug-Tracker

After logging in with your username and password , you will see all Bug reports that are currently open.

Creating a Bug Report

Before creating a new Bug report, make sure that the problem or missing feature you want to report is not already reported. So please look carefully through existing Bug reports and the Frequently asked Questions.

To create a Bug report click on Report Issue. You will be shown the form above. Select Electures-Portal as Project and click on Select Project.

Then fill in all the details that are necessary to understand your Bug report. First select a category: Choose Bug for errors you found. Select Improvement for anything that should be done better that is neither an error, nor a new feature. Select New Feature for any new features you want to see in new versions of the portal. Task should not be used by end-users. Please fill in all other fields very carefully, and choose Summary and Description wisely. Then click on Submit Report.

When a developer was assigned to your report you will see this in the report details.

When your report has been successfully processed, you will get an E-Mail stating this.

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