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HOWTO: Create a new course/modul in the Electures-Portal

Send an E-Mail to electures@informatik.uni-freiburg.de with the following details:

  • Module (course) name as listed in the Vorlesungsverzeichnis : i.e. Algorithmentheorie , this will be used to synchronize the Electures-Portal with the Campusmanagement System (LSF).
  • Semester: i.e. WS 2012/2013 or SS 2013 for the Semester (is probably current semester).
  • Chair: i.e. Algorithmen & Datenstrukturen
  • Name of the professors giving this course, i.e. Prof. Dr. Hans Zappe, Prof. Dr. Bernd Becker (give at least the name of the professor)
  • Name of the directory on the server (under /scratch/lectures), i.e. Informatik/Algorithmentheorie or MST/FestKoerperPhysik or MST/AVT etc.
  • Filesystem-Group putting the files in the eLectures-Portal
    i.e. group faw-pult-doz (not recommended) or for example ad-staff or avtstaff (own group, recommended)
    You will need to be a member of this group to upload files directly to the server; Explanation what the filesystem group is
    Ask your local administrator/technician for support with usergroups.
  • Useraccount(s) of the user(s) creating the entries on the Electures-Portal (electures-portal-account). I.e. myelecturesaccount . More specifically we need
    • the login names (university accounts) of the Hiwis uploading the material (Modul administrator role)
    • the login name (university account) of a responsible member of the staff (Community owner role; which will for example be able to allow foreigners access to the module contents; this should usually be Postdoc or a group leader)
These fields are all required fields.

You can copy/paste the following snippet in your email, please make sure to include all values:

Please create a new Electures-Module for me, using the following details:
Course Name:
Name of the directory:
Role „Modul Administrator“ User(s):
Role „Community owner“ User(s):

The Server to access the filesystem is canus.informatik.uni-freiburg.de . You should be able to mount this with the windows explorer as a Net-Drive: \\canus.informatik.uni-freiburg.de\lectures\ . If that's not possible with your local TF-Account, please contact your local system administrator.

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