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Adding or Editing an Electure

Adding a new Electure

To add a new Electure click on „add new electure“ . You will be redirected to the form below.

Form to add a new Electure.

Fill in all the required values and click on „continue“ to save the electure. You can only choose lecturers from the list of lecturers that are assigned to the modul. If you want to add another lecturer, you first have to add it to the modul. The keywords should contain keywords describing the lecture, for example: „Segmentation problems, Voronoi-Diagrams“.

Again as with modules or chapters you can set the permissions for an electure, but the default permissions inherited from the chapter should be fine.

Editing an Electure

Editing an Electure is basically the same thing as adding an Electure with the difference, that you can't change the permissions anymore. To change the Permissions of an Electure, you have to click the permissions-icon of the electure in ModulDetail.

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