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Electures Roles

Electures Administrator:

Electures Administrators are some kind of „root/admin“ users of the portal. They can create new modules etc.

Modul Administrator:

The Modul Administrator Role should be given to Hiwis/employees who want/have to change the contents of a module, insert new chapters, electures, files, etc.

Community Administrator:

The Community Administrator Role is only needed when several people should be able to give roles to others and/or approve community memberships. The Community Administrator Role should be given to employees responsible for a modul if they don't already have the Community Owner Rule.

Community Owner:

The community Owner Role should be given to an employee who is reponsible for the modul.

Community Member:

A community member is able to access files that are restrited to this community. The automatic synchronisation with the campusmanagement/ LSF facilitates the User Management.


The Student Role should (only) be given to students. It enables them to download files where the access is restricted to users having this role. It is automatically granted to users (students) who use their account from the local computing centre (RZ/LDAP).

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