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Contact data processing QR code and electronic attendance confirmation according to CoronaVO in areas with study operations

Framework and process overview

In the case of events and other activities that take place in person, the University of Freiburg is obligated under the CoronaVO as well as the CoronaVO Study Operations to collect and store contact data of all attendees for the purpose of providing information to the health department or the local police department.

The University shall exclude individuals who refuse to provide all or part of their contact information from visiting or using its facilities or participating in events. To the extent that you provide your contact information, it must be accurate.

At the University of Freiburg, the following procedures are available for the collection and further processing according to the CoronaVO:

Attendance and contact data collection via the campus management system HISinOne QR code and electronic attendance confirmation

  • For all events for which appointments have been created in the campus management system HISinOne.
  • QR codes cannot be generated for exams.
  • Attendance recording for persons registered in HISinOne (students, employees, …) via QR code and other options

This procedure is described in more detail below. It is completely independent of the normal procedures for the enrollment for courses and the registration for exams and non-graded works in HISinOne.

Alternative processes

Attendance recording through HISinOne EXA 612

Attendance and contact data collection via the CoronaVO data collection form

  • For all events, activities, exams and people where electronic procedures are not possible.
  • Collection of all contact data on an individual basis via the CoronaVO data collection form.

Procedure via HISinOne from the point of view of participants (collect contact data CoronaVO)

Option I: Attendance confirmation via QR code

Provided the organizer has displayed the QR code or printed it out, you can use your mobile device to confirm attendance as follows:

  • If you have already entered your Corona contact data earlier and are currently logged in to HISinOne:
    1. scan the QR code
    2. check whether the correct event and date are displayed
    3. tick off the confirmation box (data has been verified, etc.)
    4. press the “Confirm presence” button
  • If you were not yet logged in to HISinOne, you have to log in with your UniAccount between step 1 and 2.
  • If you have not yet stored any Corona contact data (or would like to change the data), you can do so via the pencil icon before step 3 or step 4.
Option II: Attendance confirmation via class schedule

The course was either enrolled by the person or pre-booked for the schedule. Enrolled and pre-booked courses are visible in the schedule.

  • log into the Campus-Management-System HISinOne with your UniAccount
  • pull up the class schedule
  • pull up the current week, if necessary
  • at the desired date, confirm attendance for Corona contact tracking with the “person with checkmark” icon
  • you will get to the same screen as via the QR code, continue as described there from step 2 onwards
Option III: Attendance confirmation via individual event dates
  • You will be sent a link with which you can confirm attendance
  • Using the link, you will get to the same screen as via the QR code, continue as described there from step 2 onwards.
Data storage and deletion

The attendance data is automatically deleted four weeks after the event date. There is no provision for manual deletion. If you have inadvertently confirmed your attendance for the wrong event, you can clear this up if you are contacted by the health authority.

For the retention period of contact information (address, phone number), see: Recording contact details corona

Procedure via HISinOne from the organizers’ perspective (display QR code)

Please note the University’s general information about the corona virus › Studies and teaching

Event organizers can generate individual date-specific QR codes from HISinOne, which participants can use to confirm their attendance for corona contact tracing (“check in”):

  1. Ask the participants to check in.
  2. A report of checked-in persons for the organizers is not provided.
  3. The QR code is only valid for the single date (and room) displayed. For events with several individual dates (or several rooms), a separate QR code must be generated in each case..

You can display the generated QR code for an individual date via beamer, screen, mobile end device or print out.

For people who do not have a QR code-enabled mobile device with them to check in, other methods are described above that can be used before, during or after the event.

Alternatively, they can append the „Appointment-ID“ displayed under the QR code to the following link and send it to your participants, e.G.

Generating a QR code:

Beispielbild QR-Code erzeugen

Beispielbild QR-Code

Beispielbild Anwesenheitsbestätigung

Additional instructions

The HISinOne attendance confirmation via QR code and alternatives described above is completely separate in terms of content from event bookings, course credit registration and exam registration. That is, any person who can log on to HISinOne can confirm his or her attendance at an event, regardless of whether his or her attendance has been accepted in a voucher procedure, a course credit has been registered, or an exam attendance has been registered.

Attendance confirmation:

  • Confirms on-site attendance and is used exclusively for legally required corona duties.

Event reservations, course credit registration and exam registration:

  • Regulates access to dates of attendance and is related to study organization.

Information about data protection

QR-Code Contact data processing QR code and electronic attendance confirmation according to CoronaVO in areas with study operations (erstellt für aktuelle Seite)