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Adding files to an Electure

To add Files to an Electure they first have to be uploaded to the portal, see Uploading files . When the files are correctly uploaded you can proceed and edit the electure where you want to add this file. Klick on „Manage Files“ and then on „add file“ to proceed to the following form:

Form to add File to an Electure

  1. First select a filetype from the list of filetypeconfigurations and click on „set“.
  2. Then select a File from the proposed list of files.
  3. Additionaly you can set the permissions for this file. The default permissions (inherited from the Filetypeconfiguration) should be ok.

Then click on continue to add your file. You can only add one file of each filetype to an electure. If you have different PDF-Files to add (e.g. pdf, 4 pages on one, 6 pages on one, annotated pdf etc.), make sure you add different filetypeconfigurations for every type to the modul. To add another file of the same filetype, you have to create a new electure.

since 0.2

Related files are needed when one wants to use for example flash files that have one controler file, that requests additional files from the server. Since no Files can be accessed directly from the filesystem this fails without using Related Files.

To add a related file, go to the Manage Files tab and then click on the add related files icon in the icons list of a file. You will be presented a two-sided list with files in the right part. Those are the files in the same directory or inside directories below the chosen file. Add the necessary files to the related files list as shown in the next screenshot, then click on Continue.

Form to add Related Files to a File

The icons list should now show a different icon to indicate that there are related files assigned to this file. By clicking on this icon you can change the list of related files.

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