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Explanation of Permissions

The Permission system of the Electures-Portal allows fine-grained control over the permissions but also eases setting the permissions by suggesting sensible defaults.

In general there are three main permission groups:

  • Communities
  • Students
  • Everyone

By restricting access to a community, only members of this community are able to access the materials.

Granting access to Students means that all students using their university account as well as all people on campus are able to access the materials.

Granting access to everyone means, well, that everyone can access everything ;-)

Permission inheritance

Permissions from higher-level objects are inherited upon creation, if not set differently.

Permissions for Files are inherited from the corresponding Filetypeconfigurations.

Permissions for Electures are inherited from the parent Chapter.

Permissions for Chapters are inherited from the Modul.

Setting permissions

Optimally permissions are only set on Modul creation and on Filetypeconfiguration creation. Then afterwards permissions are automatically inherited.

Of course one can manually adjust permissions for single files or chapters, etc. But usually this is not required (and most of the time doesn't make sense at all…).


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