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Der Abschnitt „Terminologie und kleine Einführung“ sollte IMHO hier komplett raus, da er nicht Linux-spezifisch ist. Stattdessen einfach in den zentralen TSM-Artikel verschieben und dann dorthin einen Link setzen, oder gleich einen eigenen Artikel dafür anlegen, der dann von den anderen referenziert wird. — ne704 2010/01/20 14:41

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-1) It's nice that RZ finally decided to officially support Linux-based clients.

0) This does not cover the installation of the init script for DSM agent though.

1) Even if you come up with something as an init script, nothing's gonna work unless you add this:

managedservices    webclient schedule 

to your dsm.sys. I was banging my head upon the wall for a few days while trying to get my local RHEL file server backed up.

2) The best write-up that I have found so far is here: http://biowiki.org/TSMBackupSystem .

3) The guys at Oxford have a very nice TSM setup running: http://www.oucs.ox.ac.uk/hfs/index.xml . They always have latest TSM client versions packaged with proper init scripts for all modern Linux distribution flavors (RHEL, Fedora, SuSe, Debian, Ubuntu etc.) I have tried to contact them to ask for the sources of their SPEC/control files so that I can rebuild the packages for my own use or pull directly from them, but these scrooges politely refused. Maybe official RZ contact might have better luck.

4) The linked article that suggests to use alien for Debian packages is rubbish. More or less proper (but old) packages for Debian/Ubuntu can be found here: http://adsm.org/files/TSM/Clients/Linux/Debian/ .

5) I have a more or less working init script for RHEL and Debian that I theory I can share for common good.

6) I have a set of inclexcl that I can share. Probably needs to be extended to become an ultimate inclexcl for Linux.

7) TSM on Linux is a mess!

8) Contact me directly, as I'm not gonna watch this page.

yz1000 2010/03/18 16:04

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